Under the Canopy

The tree in our logo symbolizes an oasis or refuge—a place where people can safely gather to:Lone Tree

  • reflect on the results of past ventures
  • share experiences and learnings with like-minded people,
  • become re-energized with realistic support and  encouragement, and
  • explore possibilities for collaborative business and social ventures.


The CANOPY represents a spirit, or way, that allows us to maintain our individuality while working in concert with like-minded people towards a shared purpose.


The Canopy Management Group 

The Canopy Management Group is an affiliation of companies and organizations dedicated to the success of business and program ventures that further community, environmental, social and cultural well-being.

Group Companies, Organizations and Programs

The following is a brief introductory description of the Canopy Management Group companies, organizations and programs.

  • Azar and Associates

We help clients design, create and operate successful business, government and non-profit sector ventures, programs and projects. Our services are reality-based and results‑driven—we focus on fundamentals and craft the solutions needed to achieve your organization’s purpose.

  • Canopy Non-profit

This is the banner under which customized and additional Canopy Management Group services are provided to the non-profit/non-governmental organization (NGO) and philanthropic sectors.

  • Work Flow Press

Process guides and workshops lead users through all the major phases, activities and tasks required to successfully deliver products, services, projects or events. These “process travel guides” are written by experienced people who have “been there and back” and provide guidance to make your process journey as smooth as possible. Work flow maps are used to illustrate work process activities and tasks.

  • 1 in a 1000 Tour Raffle Program

This is an innovative fund-raising initiative that provides non-profit organizations the opportunity to quickly and easily raise significant funds by raffling a chance to win an “insider” tour with a team, group or celebrity or a visit to a unique venue. The unique prize package and the fantastic 1 in a 1000 odds make it easy to sell tickets.


Canopy Logo - CWhere is the tree that can utter fully the silent passion of the soil?

Abraham Joshua Heschel