John W. Azar

John Azar is an innovative director, leader and coach with over thirty years experience in business, Nov 2013 Tour - 18government and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in Canada and abroad. He has a reputation for integrity and being able to get things done. John brings a creative, results-focused, service-oriented and non-bureaucratic entrepreneurial style to business and program development. His people skills, cooperative management style and sense of humour are recognized hallmarks of his approach to management.

John is the founder of the Canopy Management Group and Canopy Non-profit—an affiliation of independent consultants and companies dedicated to the success of business and program ventures. Canopy Management Group companies include Azar & Associates, Work Flow Press and a broad range of associated service providers who share a common philosophy of service excellence, integrity and effectiveness.

John is also the founder and Chief Commemoration Officer of the CEF100 Commemoration !!!CEF100 - Graphic - RHL Below 300 dpiSociety — a non-profit organization established to provide leadership and support that would help maximize public awareness and involvement in remembering, honouring and learning during the Great War centenary 2014 – 2019.


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