Organization Design, Leadership and Operations Management Services

We use our experience and knowledge to help you design, create and operate successful business, government and non-profit sector ventures, programs and projects.

Our services are reality-based and results‑driven—we focus on fundamentals and craft the solutions needed to achieve your organization’s purpose. Our services include:

  • Reality-based and Results-focused Planning

We help you develop reality-based and results‑focused strategic, operational, sales and marketing plans that will guide you to business success. Our idea generation and scenario development workshops help ensure your services and programs remain client-focused and allow for changing market conditions, technologies and practices.

  • Organization Design

We design organization structures that enable smooth, effective service delivery to clients. We identify all the essential work required to deliver services to clients and provide essential support. This work determines the people, the working relationships and the organization structure needed to get it done.

  • Organization Well-being Assessments/Operations Effectiveness Reviews Oview Assessment Map

We conduct an overview assessment of your organization’s state of well-being and ability to achieve your purpose. This includes identifying existing and emerging issues affecting service/product delivery, and general management and management service operations. The assessment leads to a diagnosis and prescription to remediate any issues requiring attention. We also assist with remediation plan implementation.

  • Process Guides and Workshops        

We use Work Flow Press process guides and related workshops to enhance operational effectiveness and productivity. These easy-to-use process travel guides and workshops provide an operational overview of your business or organization and take users through all the major components, activities and tasks required to successfully deliver services, projects or events. Each major step is explained in the context of the whole process and discussion is encouraged to ensure awareness and understanding.

  • Process Optimization

We design, assess and renovate operational and support processes to ensure they deliver services and products in the smoothest, most efficient and cost-effective way possible. Any elements that may be compromising smooth process flow will be identified and corrected.

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  • Troubleshooting, Crisis and Special Project Management  

Every now and then, unexpected issues will arise that negatively impact the well-being of your organization. To help prevent negative impacts on client service delivery, we will identify and define the issues and determine what needs to be done to resolve them. We will steer, manage and implement remedial action that allows key staff to remain focused on business success.

We steer and manage special projects that require assistance beyond the time available from regular management and staff. Or, we will manage business operations while regular staff deals with special projects.

  • Facilitation and Issue Resolution

We have extensive experience facilitating meeting, workshop and conferences. We have a demonstrated talent for successfully moderating steering committees and planning sessions with groups representing a wide variety of interests and approaches. Our fair, business-like and even-handed approach has been welcomed by the participants.


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